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Changing Rooms

Hello everyone.  Praise the Lord!

I was chatting with the nurses at one of the nurses stations.  I think it was on the first floor, anyway, I think so.  They were kinda grumbling about someone wanting to change rooms.  I could't here them, they were a little bit away and kinda whispering.

I turned and started down the hall, maybe six of seven long steps, when I meet three family members of a patient.  Believe it or not, they were discussing changing rooms for their mother!

I started chatting with them.  They wanted a better room for their mother,  I told them that is no problem at all!  Remembering the nurses grumbling!  I said that the nurses would be happy to help you!

I told them that we are pretty full and that if they wanted to change rooms they better hurry!  I escorted them to the nurses station and turned around and walked away with a smile on my face!  I thought that it was a good little prank on the nurses!

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